Can I add RAM and Video Card memory using a USB drive?


Well, StarCraft 2 came out, and my old-as-your-grandma's-grandma computer can't run it according to specs. Could I use a USB Drive for VidCard and RAM memory? Also, I'd like to know how, ifyou could tell me, and how difficult. I can't take it apart, to clarify. Also, would you happen to know if there was a chance SC2 would run on a-
64MB NVidea series 4

Your help would be greatly, greatly appreciated

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lemonie7 years ago

It don't work like that. The CPU / GPU wants some dedicated & fast-wired RAM, it does not benefit from a USB storage device.

W/ref the SC2 running on that, check the box / manual.

builder968 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I'm pretty sure it won't run. Also, I just looked, and it actually has 512MB of RAM, and my dad says we might upgrade it to above specs for the game. Thanks for your answer, though.
These graphics-intensive games really need a good GPU, upgrading that is probably your best bet. (and you wouldn't have to spend much to better what you've got)


builder968 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Congratulations! You were my 1000th commenter! You get a COOKIE! YAY! Oh, and good answer. Also, I just checked, and my computer doesn't have enough DIM slots for anything more than a gig, so, it looks like I gotta wait for my dad to buy a new one.
Thanks for that then.

As L says, you need BANDWIDTH, to transmit data at very high speeds between the memory and the processors, and USB doesn't provide anything like enough.