Can I add a subwoofer to a stereo system that has no subwoofer?

I have a stereo system that has a left and right speaker that connects to the main part of the stereo (CD player and the radio).
I was wondering if I could disconnect the speakers, from the CD player itself, and make a circuit that amplifies a low sound bass, then connected to a small subwoofer.  (Instead of a normal amplifier that just makes treble sound louder.) Then reconnect the two speakers so the final result is that there is an amplified subwoofer.

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alpe_97 (author) 6 years ago
Well I am not going to use amp to run treble speakers. I'll use a 'y' audio splitter. One from the CD/Radio to the speakers. The other audio splitter will go to amp which will go to small subwoofer. (The stereo is actually pretty small!) I don't know the subwoofer (3 inch would do very fine)
Yes, that's perfectly possible, you can even do it with a passive crossover, but an active one is much better.

Here's a typical example.

As you can see, electronically, there isn't much to it.

I'd buy a nice meaty amp block from Velleman to do the power driving - when I replaced my passive crossover, I couldn't BUY the bits to make an amp for the price they were selling them for !!


The only problem you might run into is that your amp may not be strong enough to handle both the speakers and a woofer.
If you use an active crossover, like the link, you need an extra amp for the sub anyway.
That's true. But if you are using passive, you still might overload the amp. I should have clarified.