Can I build a Tesla Coil using a flyback transformer instead of a neon sign transformer?

If yes, what changes would there be in its design from one that does use a neon sign transformer? If not, what can I do with my surplus of flyback transformers?

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Xellers8 years ago
Yes, it is possible. Most people call flyback drivers "SSTCs", when they really aren't. Use the schematics here: to build the driver, and then hook the output up to a standard LC circuit with a spark gap. It will not be as powerful as a NST powered coil, but if you tune it right, here is an example of what you will get. Note that you should use a modern flyback transformer with a built in diode because you cannot charge capacitors with high frequency AC. The advantage to a DC type coil is that you do not need to match the capacitor to the transformer, you can use a capacitor as large as you want.
Xellers Xellers8 years ago
snipe88 years ago
yes. but the resistors will heat up fast for many things that you use. i used neon transformars. which still i burned something in it
Xellers8 years ago
In my slideshow, I used a flyback transformer.
HAL2.08 years ago
You should give this a once over. I can not stress the importance of a good SOLID ground. DIRECTLY TO THE EARTH. when ever using High Voltage.
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