Can I build a gps tracking device small enough to fit into other electronics?

I just bought a house and I have heard some troublesome things about the nearby neighbors. I was wondering if it would be possible to build and wire in a gps tracking device into my electronics (TVs, Comp, Monitor, ect...). I have looked all over online no one makes one. I would like to wire it in direct from the power source inside the tv or what ever all have 110v-120v direct feed. I am good with wiring soldering ect just dont know much about gps and circuit boards but would be willing to give it a try or pay someone to do it for me.

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AndreE12 years ago

Did anyone had any luck with this gps solution for tv? I found devices that's 40mmx40mmx18mm which can do the trick, but not really an option to tie into the power of the tv. I'm urgently in need of this solution for a client of mine that will probably need a couple hundreds!!

IdairH2 years ago

Hey i was wondering if u can built a small tracking devise into a phone in case it gets stolen. if so how can i built one, also how can i built my very own tracking device where i can put it any where n if that device gets lost or stolen and i can fined it?

JosephL8 IdairH2 years ago

hey I have created a tracking device for all expensive electronics just having money troubles and can't afford to have it mass manufactured yet so if your interested go to

And make an investment donation to help me get to where I can have it manufactured

JosephL82 years ago

Go to to fund me in getting it started if your interested in buying this product

JosephL82 years ago

i have had that idea because I have had very expensive electronics stolen from me and my family I'm in the process of having it manufactured and sold I do have a patent on the GPS tracking system for the electronics just having money troubles on having it manufactured

ALEX KOENAM3 years ago

hi,can you please send a blank email on this email address have a plan.

lsmith1143 years ago
I was looking for the same thing..we just recently on Christmas eve morning between 1am and 5am someone came into our home while we were sleeping and stole 2 flat screen TV's 46" and 32" two xbox consoles and wireless controllers and games..scumbags!! 2 days before I received my security camera but didn't get around to install it bc of the busy holiday said I would do it after Christmas. We are the 15th house to be broken into for the month of December and they don't care if your home or not. They broke into a cops home while he was sitting on his couch the cop said another 2 mins he would of been shot. If you have any luck let me know I will do the same..Good Luck
Just get an alarm system and home owners insurance. Also the bigger your tv the harderit is to steal.
j-rhod24 (author) 4 years ago
Thanks everyone for the answers. I will probubly be investing in a surveillance system due to costs.
Wouldn't it be simpler to put IP cams around the house, and watch for intruders ?
The problems with this are many. First of all the GPS you put in there will need to transmit it's location to a source so you can pull that data as needed. These tend to cost a good bit of money and have monthly fees tied to it to keep the service running. Much like the data plan on your cell phone. Each additional GPS is like adding another phone to your plan. Your money would be better spent on a security system for your home. Your best bet is to record all the information about your stuff. Make, model and serial numbers. Take pictures and store all that information in a safe that is bolted to the wall/floor of your closet. If your items get stolen you'll have all the info you need to give to the police. Allowing them to track your items down to a near by pawn shop and then get the records of who sold the items thus catching the criminal.
MDheliMech4 years ago Check this out if you have an iPhone
I just read the info on that. It actually doesn't sound like a very good solution. It's Bluetooth based so it only has Bluetooth range. Sorry for the crummy advice.
It looks like the biggest obstacle is a transmitter. The problem is getting a signal out of a device that you are able to track. One suggestion I saw was to buy some of those cheap pay as you go phones and install a find my phone app on it. You could probably take the phone guts out of the casing and disguise it. You would have to find a way to hard wire it for charging.
iceng4 years ago
Putting GPS into a TV does nothing for you unless you can track it from your phone.

So you need a phone or transmitter in there too.

My friend uses this spot to let me track him on Google maps as he treks the Snake river.