Can I build an aircraft and fly it with mechanical power but not remote control systems?

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free-flight7 years ago
maybe im working planning to work on one al already have an electric mortor
Like redesign says,. its called free-flight. There is also control line flying, where you have two wires that can push and pull on the elevator controls.

Re-des's comment on autonomous flying was nicely addressed in the last Make magazine.
I knew I heard that word somewhere lately.  That issue might still be on the news stands.
Best magazine deal I've had - all the print editions and the electronic ones too.

Re-design8 years ago
Sure it's called freeflight.  You launch you plane and it goes where it wants to.  People been doing that for longer than there has been r/c.

New are systems that you can program and it will fly itself to that location and land.  I think that is called autonomus.
ANDY!8 years ago