Can I connect the output of the recorder ( BNC ) for my wireless security cameras to an LCD flatscreen monitor ?

The flatscreen monitors I have seen have d-sub connectivity. My recorder has a bnc output ( analog?) connection. Manufacturer says the output can be sent to a tv set so I assume it is an analog signal. I want a nice size screen but small unit than a tv set for desktop. Can this be done?

gmxx8 years ago
yes... you will need a number of components, but it is doable.

you will need a:

and the approprate bnc to rca adapter. you hook the bnc camera to the rca adapter ($5 bucks at radioshack) and then plu into this box. it will convert the signal so the monitor can use it.

if u hav more than 1 camera, you can buy video multiplexer boards that will combine 4 images into a grid
LeShane (author)  gmxx8 years ago
Thanks for the answer! I went to your link and bought the box. It seems to be just what I need. Thanks again!!!
gmxx LeShane8 years ago
no problem. we use these converter boxes for underwater cameras on robots so that we can use some of the lcd monitors we have.