Can I convert my mobile phone (Motorola A925) screen to a LCD monitor for use in DIY LCD projector?

I was looking to make a DIY LCD projector but planning to use my motorola A925 LCD screen for that purpose. Reason : it might just make my beamer a whole lot smaller! :) Of course currently, there's no way I can send a video signal to the LCD except if I play a video ON the cellphone. Is there a way I can convert it into an LCD monitor? Of course I'm ready to break open the phone.It's battery life sucks beyond repair!

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you can use complete a925 just separate lcd from back lit and put led bulb

gmxx8 years ago
Unless you have an EE, then no. That would not be a project that would be easy for the average maker. If the phone has a camera, you could point it at a computer screen... or something...
auldthief (author)  gmxx8 years ago
EE? what's that. Yes, I'm the lesser than average maker! hehe. Still in the process of making my first LCD projector.:( will look it up though. Thanks for the tip mate! :) I was thinking of using the kind of "signal boards" that they have to convert the VGA signal to LCD, between the phone LCD and my PC. I hope u get what I'm thinking of doing. Any hope for me? :)
gmxx auldthief8 years ago
the boards you are referring to are designed for testing lcd screens. They are specific to each lcd screen model and will run about $200-$300 dollars. At that price point, it would be better to buy a real lcd screen, or buy something that already has rca/vga inputs. The psone addon screens and the portable dvd players would be two options for doing this.
It stands for electical engineer. To use that lcd you would have to design a circuit to drive the screen, Not to mention the cost involved to do this the resolution would be very poor.

You would be better off buying a psone screen off ebay for this use, Great quality. You should visit lumenlabs forums where psone screen projectors have been quite well documented.