Can I fit a film SLR lens on a DSLR camera?

I have many old 35mm film cameras with some really nice telephoto and zoom lens. Can any be fitted on to Digital cameras? Is there a crossover guide any where on the web.?

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I would imagine that as long as it fits on the camera, it should work.
red19fire7 years ago
 if it's a nikon, then yes.  every nikon lens fits on every nikon camera, since the 1950s.  except for certain weird fisheye lenses that have some intrusive part that breaks the mirror.
tewharau7 years ago
 The short answer is probably. It all comes down to flange to film/sensor distance.  Killerjackalope's suggestion is where I usually get my flange distance info.  If the lens you have has a larger flange distance than the flange distance of your camera, it's not "impossible".  Second, go to ebay and look for an adapter.  If someone makes an adapter for the lens/camera combination you are looking for, your chances of success have just improved.  There are lots people doing what you are, so you could trawl through the posts of or flickr goups for the combination you want to try.

Alternatively, you could ask a more specific question and get more specific answers e.g. Can I fit a M42 Pentax lens on a Nikon DSLR etc....

Hope this helps....
seandogue7 years ago
Some. Your best bet would be to visit a camera store. You don't have to buy something from them, but they will  have a good set of catalogs from which you can find out whether or not there's an adapter for your lens that will fit your brand X DSLR.
You can no problem with some lines, it depends on the camera and the lens adapter fittings - this wikipedia page might help you work it out.

It would help to know the camera/lens combinations you want to know.
Re-design7 years ago
There are lots of adapters.  I use them lot of times.  YOu need to know what the dslr is and the film lens is.

On drawback is that every thing is going to be manual except for a very rare combination.  But It 's still worth the try since you may have a large stock of film lenses and a new dslr camera and used lenses are available for pennies on the dollar of their original value.
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