Can I get reasonable energy by placing a working LCD TV screen panel in sunlight and use it as a solar panel?

I have been given a large Sharp AQUOS G Series LCD TV to pull apart. I read recently that if you place LEDs in sunlight they will act like miniature solar panels and give of some usable electricity. What Id like to know is I place a more advanced light emitting device such as the LCD TV screen in the direct sun light will it produce more usable energy? Even if it was10 percent that of good solar panel, recycling LCD screens from the dump might be worth while?
Thanks for your help!

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luxstar5 years ago

As of today 8-28-12 you can get a 12 volt 5 watt panel for 19.99. They are usually over $30.00. This price will not last. The last time the price was this low was about 2 years ago and I bought 2.

Trust me. This will be way better than an LCD screen

lemonie5 years ago
Spot the difference: LED  LCD

Even if you where to get on OLED screen you wouldn't be able to get any usable power from it in sun light. Thinking you could get even 10% of the power a good solar panel gets is overestimating things. You would be lucky to get .5% of the power you would get from a decent solar panel half the size of the screen.
An lCd is not an lEd.

LCDs are effectively little shutters covering a light source, LEDs emit light in their own right.

That's an L, not an I. You need to find your reading glasses......
rickharris5 years ago
Mmmmm? NO
canucksgirl5 years ago
Don't believe everything you read... Especially from online sources. ;)