Can I have permission to get rid of my TV?

+ It's analog, with a 13" (no, really, 13 inches diagonally) screen. + I haven't plugged it in since I moved a year ago: I rely on Hulu and Netflix on my (bigger-screened) iMac. + If I really wanted to watch broadcast TV in the future, I could get a TV-tuner-thingo for the iMac (for perhaps not too much more than the cost of a digital-to-analog converter). + My apartment is sub-dinky, and I need to get rid of anything extraneous. + The thrift store down the street is actually taking donations of crt-based analog TV's for free (i.e., no disposal charge). So, what's stopping me? ...I'm not sure: - Some nagging fear that I'm forgetting some vitally important function that only a 1996-model Toshiba Shrimpscreen can perform? - Or maybe just a perception that it'd be Un-American not to have a TV set somewhere in the house? I think I just need someone to say "Oh, fer the love of Pete - just give the darned thing the old heave-ho already" - anyone out there willing to oblige?

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Kiteman8 years ago
Oh, fer the love of Pete - just give the darned thing the old heave-ho already!
Gorfram (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Thanks, Kiteman - just what I needed!
luch8 years ago
I would give it to your local thrift store . . . OR you can take a baseball bat to it! and then toss it.
Gorfram (author)  luch8 years ago
Er, Luch, you did see the part about where it contains a CRT tube, the kind that will explosively implode in a shower of glass shards and lead and phosphorous dust if subjected to a sufficiently forceful impact?

(wink) Or did you mean to suggest that I make my first Instructable "How to Wildly and Astonishingly Unsafely Disassemble a CRT-Tube Monitor or TV Set"?
luch Gorfram8 years ago
Naw, I didn't realize that.
Gorfram (author)  luch8 years ago
Ooops! (wink => wince)
I'd assumed you had seen that, and were pulling my leg about it, which led me into doing some leg-pulling myself, which must have sounded awfully rude and high-handed from your not-having-seen-it, non-leg-pulling, point of view.

My sincere apologies for whatever offense I caused.

- Gorfram, who must someday learn that not everyone in the world behaves like her big brother used to.
luch Gorfram8 years ago
No offense taken. I actually learned about the dangers of a CRT tube TV from your comment; if you had not told me about this I wouldn't have known and I could have gotten my self into some trouble. Thank you. :)
Gorfram (author)  luch8 years ago
(...whew!) Thanks. :)

(And, while I'm being educational, CRT computer monitors all contain those same potentially dangerous Cathode Ray Tubes - that's why they have all that big wonky stuff sticking out in back, containing and protecting the tube.)
(But I'm sure you'd already figured that out. :)
landmanhall8 years ago
Let it go. I bet the picture is better on the imac anyway. Give the 13" to someone who needs it.
Gorfram (author)  landmanhall8 years ago
Yup, much better picture quality on the iMac. Thanks to all for your answers - the old Shrimpscreen is on its way out the door.
110100101108 years ago
test if it works suggest it to someone who needs it - in the forums of this site for example
iPodGuy8 years ago
Recycle it.