Can I hook a home theater subwoofer to my cars stereo system?

I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with an aftermarket Jensen VM9512 in-dash DVD receiver. Can I hook up my subwoofer (Sony SA-W2500) to the receiver and use it successfully? I don't want to buy another sub. What I have to work with is a long enough cable to connect the sub and the receiver and a 12-volt DC - AC inverter. I'm not sure if the 12-volt plug in the back of my Jeep is turned on and off with the ignition or not, but the subwoofer has an automatic on and off mode and the power inverter is just ether on or off. Help? :]

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db261 year ago

Can I temporarily hook a new radio and speakers in the car by rigging it through the cigarette lighter? Kind of a Christmas surprise thing.

salvadort2 years ago

the way i would connect a home subwoofer to my car is i would have an inverter connect to another power source like another car battery. so it will not drain your car battery. then simply switch the battery with ur car battery once a month to charge with the car alternator

You can Try UPS in case of beep issue use Couple of UPS ! (Beginner Solution)

Step 1: Working with 1st one UPS - open it and remove it's battery and take an output from same +/- 12v so u can connect it with your car battery / you can also use stereo 12v output

Step 2: Power Your 2nd UPS with 1st UPS AC output (no change in 2nd UPS)

Step 3: just power your subwoofer from the 2nd UPS AC Output.

_That's it Hope this will help you out.

r.srohan7 years ago
yes, u can hook a home theater sub woofer to car but only problem is your battery will drain very fast. your home theater is 110v/240v  and battery may be 12v/24v. see the difference your inverter had to convert 12v d.c to required limit. if u have knowledge of circuit then break the connection. That is connect  u r battery before 110v/240v transformer.remove Transformer if connecting permanently to u r car. connect 3/5 amps fuse before it directly goes to circuit. so that it doesn't harm u r circuit . and also check how much d.c voltage is required to run. Some required 12v d.c or 18v d.c(12v -18v d.c). make changes as required. 
If  u fill very complicated then just replace 110v / 240v transformer to automatize d.c transformer  which could automatically adjusted the voltage  required.
now u will not required any of inverter just connect it directly to battery with on / off switch.
NOTE :  if  u don't have knowledge of circuit  then please go to local t.v / d.v.d repair shop and tell him i want to run on 12v d.c battery. he will make changes and u have done.
above i have mention in detail because if some one want to try .then u can on u r risk (if  they don't know about any electronic component )
i want to connet my 2.1 channel home theater woofer in my car . how i connet this in my car?????plz help me
due to not having much more time please see below website

if you need more or anything else then ask i will try my best....
ssaad26 years ago
guyz im saad,i think,the subwoofers run on dc current and for home use they have a AC-DC adapter,it can be possible that we should bring 2 wires out from subwoofer pannel ir [+ and -] to cnnct wd car battery terminals.and if it is harder than 500w inverter is right idea to simply plug in wid car.
hope u got it
frollard8 years ago
It would work - Even if the power to the 12 in the rear is switched with the iginition - its best to wire a relay to the 'control' line from the back of your car's stereo deck. This line switches on and off with the car guaranteed. Make sure to grab an inverter that can handle the peak watts, and the standard running watts of the subwoofer. Using a large capacitor (one of those 1-farad ones) before the inverter would be good to reduce power fluctuations in the jeep. Other considerations would include how much power you can draw from a 12v accessory port - you might need to run some heavy duty cable direct from the battery to the inverter.
is there need in the inverter at all ? some subwoofers step down / convert the power inside to 12 V DC anyway
mooseman93 (author)  110100101108 years ago
'tis a home theater subwoofer so i would need to rewire the power cord. I know how to do that, i just dont want to, plus, what would i wire the power too?
hey, ive done some testing of my own, ive purchased a inverter and, i hooked up my surround sound sub woofer to the truck, i use the cigarette lighter, all and all, waw, does it work! it shook the truck!.....but i field to realize that the inverter i got, its only good for peak 100w and the sub was 100w so it would turn off at the really deeeeep notes, which is ok for me now, but im going to try getting the 175w peak inverter with the 150w stabilizer.

WARNING, i have NOT tested extensive use, and i only tested with the truck running, when off, you can literally see the batter meter go to zero IN A MATTER OF MIN!

so what you guys are saying above.........i gtg get to that some time....then ill have a free sound system, well minus the adapters and cords......which came to about 60 bucks...... if you would like to see pics, let me know, my email is
maybe the subwoofer contains inside 2 distinct circuits power supply - takes the high voltage and converts it to low voltage dc actual subwoofer circuit - works on low voltage dc if the low voltage dc happens to be 12 V you can wire the subwoofer circuit (without the internal power supply) directly to the car with fuse and capacitor
mooseman93 (author)  110100101108 years ago
Is it just me, or does the inverter sound like the much simpler idea? thanks though! :]
why convert 12 V to 240 V to 12 V when you can just use the 12 V ? (and check if its 12 V at all - if no then inverter is required)
SoundsDr8 years ago
I just found your post and I can tell you that yes it would work, most subs have a sensing circuit on the input which would turn it off after a few minutes, the other trick would be to go under the hood and tap the power for the inverter into one of the fuses that turn off with the car by using a circuit tester. you would connect the wire to the side before the fuse so not to draw to much current
the power adapter will probably pull a lof of power and put stress on your alternator. Usually home systems use 8ohm speakers and car systems use 4ohm, sometimes lower for subwoofers. What you will need to do is check the specs on your head unit, or car amp to see what the min/max ohm rating is. Then you can wire your subs in parallel or series to increase/decrease the ohm level to match the requirements.....otherwise you may risk burning up your dvd players internal amp, or external amp if you have one. I'd just build a box for the subs and wire them according to the ohm requirements.
The inverter idea is somewhat reasonable, if you already have one or can pick up a suitable one on sale cheap. The head unit should have a wire for switching on external amp; use that to switch the inverter on with a relay. Letting it run all the time is a really bad idea. Otherwise, why not just get a cheap used car amp? $20 to $50 should get you something decent. For a subwoofer (speaker), try an old home speaker from a thrift store or yard sale. A 10" or larger name brand speaker should thump reasonably well.
jhvh.one8 years ago
it would work, as a line level signal is the same whether it's coming out of your receiver at home or in the car. if your 12V outlet in the back of the jeep is on all the time, consider wiring the inverter directly to your battery with an on/off switch mounted on your dash wired in line with the power cable. it would be a little extra work but look cleaner. but the question i have is, what will you do for a home theater subwoofer now? i use a pair of beat up Quadraflex three way speaker cabinets i found in a trash pile, a pair of cheap 12" woofers i bought on ebay, a cheap onkyo 100W stereo receiver, and a cheap 7-band EQ i use as a bass boost. everything but the speakers was used, whole setup cost maybe 60 bucks and performs like a beast.
mooseman93 (author)  jhvh.one8 years ago
We are moving and getting an upgraded system which includes a subwoofer, so we have an extra one. As for the power inverter and the subwoofer powering issues. I've done a little research and found that the 12V outlet is on all the time, however, the subwoofer i have has an automatic on off setting so that should help to conserve some power. I do not have my power inverter with me so i can't check this right now, but i found out that some inverters have an automaticly shut off when the battery gets low. Personally i think this would involve more experimenting than research.