Can I make a 120v AC electric motor run off a battery?

I took the elctric motor out of a leaf mower and was wondering if I could get it to run off a battery . If I can get the motor to run off a battery then I will be able to use the motor to make an electric skateboard.

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Hey u can do this by like the following circuit diagram give the 12v dc input, connect the output as motor; now run
ReCreate8 years ago
Yes, Simply give it the electricity it needs, Powering it with 12V is not going to rev it up too much though.
(and the electricity does not have to be AC)
seandogue8 years ago
Yes, it's easy, as noted by Re-design, using a 120VAC inverter run from a battery pack. But imo, you'd be better off using a DC motor to start if possible. The required inverter adds weight and size restrictions and represents a net power loss, so the battery will run down more quickly or you'll have to add more battery capacity, to offset those losses, increasing the weight.
lemonie8 years ago
You'll end up with something big and heavy, but Re-design is telling you the right things (click "Best answer")

Re-design8 years ago
Info on what an inverter is in case you don't already know.
Re-design8 years ago
Absolutely. You need an inverter that has an output that at least matches the requirement of the motor. Then you need a battery with enough capacity to power the inverter. Now realize that the inverter will be converting the battery to 110volts so you need to treat it just like the power coming out of the wall sockets of your home. Good luck and happy trails.