Can I make a micro Tesla coil powered by a 9 volt battery?

Not an electrical arc, I want to know how to make a Tesla that gives off the electric "fingers". And somewhat pocket sized (I wear cargo pants). I forgot to mention that I am 12 and I dont have much time for coil winding so Im kinda hoping it could be a solid state tesla.

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Asuraku8 years ago
I've made one and it's works very well for it's size. It's just a simpe oscillating 555 circuit hooked up to a flyback transformer. Here's where I found the schematics. You'll have to do a bit of playing around, but you can definitely do it.

then it is not called a tesla coil at all. It is just a simple wireless transfer circuit.

Comhippy7 years ago
I'm trying the same thing, and I'm 11.

What I have found useful is using a mosfet (or high power transistor). You can get these things at Make sure you get the right one though, or you may plow through them like candy (or tiger woods through wives)

You also need an Arduino board that is programmed to play your music.

I'm planning to test this out, but this is the best I know currently.

P.s. SSTC's are expensive. If you make a normal one, you don't need to wind more than 300 turns.
Also, 9 volts won't give that much noise output. 18-27 volts should
What's with all the young kids playing with high voltage? (yeah, Im 11 too)

actually just pulled out a random transformer, I think it was supposed to go from the wall outlet to 6.7 volts, I just reversed the leads and there's over 100 volts and a half inch spark....
a half inch spark?
the air's resistance states that 1mm of arc is equal to about 1000 volts......
where did you learn all the electronic stuff. im still a beginner. but i can do stuff though
Hi i have a 25meters of 1mm thick wire and 0.5mm can i use it on my coils and if so wich one 4 the secon coil
joehudy6 years ago
were do you get the parts for the 9v tesla coil like capasiters, diodes,transformers ect.its going to drive me insain i cant finde any in the US,its alwase in the UK.
Xellers8 years ago
Yes, use Steve Ward's Micro SSTC schematics. Instead of the expensive power HEXFET that he uses, scrap one from a computer power supply. The 555 timer and UCC37322 driver can easily be gained as free samples from TI. The UCC37322 is a stronger version of the gate driver that he uses, and it also has an enable pin that you will need to activate (just wire it to the positive side). However, I recommend starting with a smaller secondary though ( A mch smaller one). I made one entirely out of free samples, but then the transistor overheated and blew up (literally) when I powered off of two 12VDC batteries in series for some time. The explosion damages the other components, and it barely works anymore... If you use a 12 computer power supply, 12 battery, or small 9V battery, you should be okay. It just might kill the battery quickly.
chriskarr8 years ago
]I'm sorry, Asuraki, but your answer is incorrect. What you describe is not a transformer, but, rather, a switch-mode power supply powering a transformer in order to generate high-voltage. Other than in the driver circuitry, there is not even a capacitor, which is a requirement for a true Tesla coil. I'm sorry to say it, but making a Tesla coil that's safe to carry in your pocket will be difficult. While some have made ones small enough to fit in a medium-large pocket, their power supplies are NOT 9V batteries. The best thing that i can suggest is

Good luck!
Plasmana8 years ago
That is possible, but the driver for the tesla coil can be very complex - I tried to make a tiny tesla coil, but failed.

Some people can make a tesla coil smaller than a 9 volt battery.
hubi Plasmana8 years ago
What you see is the secondary, the primary and driver is inside the secondary, if you take a look around at the site who made this coil you find more details and can see the previous versions including schematics. but i think you get more spark fun using an old tv flyback in
That Tesla Coils is awsome! I see the primary coil but not the secondary, how come??? Looks like he used a Film canister... Do you know the schematic that he used to build this? I want to make one just like that...
No, but on Nano Tess II, there is a schematic for it. Also, the primary coil is inside of the tesla coil... :-)
Thanks, you told me that in a previous comment, like a reminder. :D Thanks!