Can I make headphones wireless with antennas?

So I'm wanting to make some beats wireless. I know you can use a Bluetooth transmitter but I don't want to lose quality. Can I shortcut with a couple small antennas? I'm thinking one to plug into phone and one to plug into headphones. I'm don't want to seem stupid lol. I'm not too knowledgable about this stuff so will this even work? I feel like I might be over simplifying this but I don't think it would be much more complicated. Thanks for any help!

kcutd053 years ago

Short answer not sure, but I the other options are wireless headphones like used on TV's or office equipment, TV's are 2.4 and most office equipment is 1.9 GHZ if I remember right. Not sure on difference with quality, but it might give you a direction to go towards of course if you want to be mobile aka Bluetooth and walk anywhere these options will likely not work unless you make a portable power source and adapters. Might make a good instructable. :) Anyways hope it helps get you in a direction.

You need a transmitter and receiver to go with those antenna. Adding a Bluetooth receiver to the headphones will make it a much simpler project.

Johnny_Reb15 (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago
I know there are antenna with transmitters and receivers built in. Bluetooth will probably be my best route. Honestly, I'm just curious now lol.

No, it wouldn't work. You need a lot more than "antennas"