Can I mix LED bulbs with regular bulbs in a set of track lights?

I put track lights in my kitchen several years ago. I recently found some LED bulbs but they cost around $15-30 each. Can I mix different bulbs in track set?...$60.00 is a little steep. I'm hoping for less light / heat output.

sure. 15-30USD each seems a little expensive to us
kelseymh8 years ago
As iPodGuy said, "Yeah, you can do that." Each bulb is powered in parallel (which is why only the burned-out one goes dark :-), so you can substitute any of them without affecting the others. As you replace each one LED or CFL, the total power drawn will be reduced.
iPodGuy8 years ago
Yeah, you can do that. I did something like that a few years ago with those CF bulbs. When an incandescent burned out, I replaced it with a CF. Works on the same principal.