Can I power a 12vdc / 1.13A fan and a 7vdc / 1.6A water pump from a small battery pack. Maybe 8 "D" cells?


lemonie8 years ago
Yes you can, but you may need more than 8 cells. Your total draw is 2.73 amps (quite a lot for a D cell).
this datasheet stops at 2 watts, you'd need more than 10 to be working within the designed range] maybe 3x5 parallel for the ~7V and 2x3 on top for the ~12V?


I'd personally use a 12 sal battery to be sure it can handle the amperage - and D cells are ...bad if not rechargable.
I would too, but I was sticking with the question, and you have the 7V pump too. L
voltage regulator :D