Can I power a laptop with a desktop psu?

I am planning to put a laptop (HP ENVY dv7-7334ea) into a desktop case for a project and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with trying to power it with a desktop psu instead of the charger? I believe it needs 18.5v at 3.5a. If anyone knows anything about this your help would be greatly appreciated!

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Vyger3 years ago

Even though it is an interesting idea I don't see the point. You nullify all the reasons for using a lap top to begin with. Such as portability. If you want a desktop then build a desktop. In general most notebooks are lacking in both video and ram and processors. Even the very expensive high end gaming notebooks are not as good as a true gaming rig.

As far as the power supply, ATX power supply's are turned on by the motherboards. You can't just push a power button in the case to turn it on. Even if the voltages were compatible you would need to rig a switch to turn it on since the button on the case will not work for that.

pac-man (author)  Vyger3 years ago

Reason I decided to do it like this is the laptop I got was a really good deal from a friend, i7 16gb ram,NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M and 2 1tb hdds .The case is completely destroyed so that's my plan.Better cooling + its solely for gaming/coding at my desk.A desktop psu can be turned on without a mb btw :) Unfortunately it does not appear feasible to get the voltage I need.

Vyger pac-man3 years ago

To turn one on you can use a power supply tester or you can jumper the correct pins. But if you get them wrong you can burn it up.

Vyger pac-man3 years ago

There are a bunch of these types of regulators on E bay. I bought a small one to control the voltage from a computer power supply to run some LED's and replace battery packs.

Your problem might be in determining the wattage you need and if the buck regulator can meet it.

Vyger Vyger3 years ago

No, a desktop PSU doesn't have a 18.5 supply. So you need to use a laptop supply.

pac-man (author)  steveastrouk3 years ago

I know of that,just that I've seen people getting different voltages out of them when using a psu as a desktop power supply so I was hoping someone might of had an idea on how to do something like this. Ya never know :)

This isn't a possible combination. Use a laptop PSU.


Laptop into a desktop !!

Is this is a fad, like when hackers used to put fish tanks into desktops ??