Can I produce electricity with ventilator motor?

appolo8 years ago
Not all motors make suitable generators. Check your motor! if is a 220 volt AC type known as an induction motor, the reverse will not apply! A magnetic field is set up in the field windings from the 220 volt AC supply this field is then inductively coupled into a central rotor which spins as a result. These rotors are not powerful magnets and will not produce a current when spun.
psicloone (author) 8 years ago
But it is 220V motor, how can I turn it into generator?
harias8 years ago
Yes you can, but you need to make it spin real fast. If you have and old bike, you can make the motor shaft spin with one of the tires. The faster it goes the more electricity it will generate. Hydro power pants work that way. They use a large water fall to move a huge turbine which in turn moves huge generators - motors like yours but much much bigger.