Can I put sound on an instructable?

I thought it would be a hoot if I could get the MacGyver theme tune on a MacGyver instructable   can it be done?

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bwrussell4 years ago
Even if it's possible please don't do it. Lets not bring back the MySpace effect.

Also the music is undoubtedly copyrighted and you would need specific, written permission to use it in that manner.
Kiteman4 years ago
You can upload an mp3 file, but it wouldn't play until it was clicked on.
liquidhandwash (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
thanks I have also found that if you center click on an mp3 it will open in a new tab and play while your reading, not exactly what I wanted but its pretty close, might be good for members who will find it annoying to auto play
frollard4 years ago
You can embed a video in an instructable but I don't believe you can make it autoplay; I don't think there are any other plugins that would allow for sound to play in the background.