Can I refill a Sharpie keychain?

I want a pocket-sized paint marker, and I know some exist, but I would like one small enough for a keychain. Do you think there is a way to crack open a Sharpie keychain to fill it with paint marker ink?

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frollard7 years ago
If it's not sponge filled, you might be able to rip open another sharpie and pour that - otherwise, you might need to rip out the soaked sponge from a new sharpie and put it in the pen sized one.

What do you need the tiny one for?  They are terrible to handle, and always run out at the wrong time :P  That is, unless its needed for bathroom stalls, and you don't want comments about "is that a sharpie on your pocket, or are you glad to see me?"
noahh (author)  frollard7 years ago
I have some small ones, but they are still pretty bulky, and I thought it might be cool to have a keychain-sized  marker. I think Pentel makes one, but it only comes in white.
frollard noahh7 years ago

sharpie has actual keychain sized ones...is that what you're referring to?
noahh (author)  frollard7 years ago
Yes, that's what I'm talking about, but I would like to fill it with ink made for paint markers.
frollard noahh7 years ago
I'm guessing it would clog the original felt tip - but you could probably make a paint marker tip out of a bigger one and an exacto.
noahh (author)  frollard7 years ago
I'm going to get some mini Sharpies and  a paint marker nib and see what I can do. Thanks for the input!