Can I use 5W 4Ohm speaker to make DIY headphones?

I have a pair of 5 Watt, 4 Ohm headphone that salvaged from an old ihome speaker. I was wondering if I could use them to make a pair of DIY headphone using this instructable :  -by Marker1024.
Maybe I could make some simple circuit to make them usable??
Any and all help appreciated. Please, no trolling.

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DerpS2 years ago

I am not great with audio circuits, but I found an answer for about the same question here:

Hope it helps!

Fafnir (author)  DerpS2 years ago

Hey, thanks for that! Unfortunately what I found in my research, and what is said in the ible that I linked, is that amplifiers are generally not used with headphones. According to what I found on some audiophile forum(don't have the link, sorry) is that people oftem use 8W 32ohm speakers for headphones. My primary concern was that if the impedance of my speakers is too low, I might send too much current through them and burn them out, or worse, damage my soundcard.

DerpS Fafnir2 years ago

Sorry I didn't see your reply earlier, I have been slightly busy lately. I am really no expert on sound connections, but I am pretty sure that sound cards, mics and such can output and recieve up to 0.7/0.8 volt signals at max. You could try just wiring up the positive lead of a speaker to the left or right channel of an audio jack (search google for pinouts) and ground to ground, and see if it works. You should probably check with a more experienced audio DIYer before trying this though, so you don't wreck the speaker or your PC soundcard (or whatever your source is).

Fafnir (author)  DerpS2 years ago


Fafnir (author)  DerpS2 years ago

just to clarify, when I said amplifier is not used, I meant any kind of internal circuit. You can ofc use an external amp if the volum is too low.

iceng2 years ago

Any sound card designed for headphones must be capable of handling a short without card damage because headphone wiring is notoriously flaky and no one but Apple goes out of their way to force their customers to use only apple phones.

Apparently your research did not include what the recommended phone impedance you should NOT use with your computer sound card.

Are you using the speaker output or the earphone output of your sound card ?

Fafnir (author)  iceng2 years ago

Thanks for that! Just a follow up question here, when you say what impedence not to use, is that specific for every soundcard, or common across most of them? Anyways, I'll be using the headphone output ( the 3.5mm one, just to clarify) as I have a laptop.