Can I use 70% rubbing alcohol in a mini stove?

I'm trying to build a mini camping stove (!/to be specific) but the only alcohol I have is 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Would it be possible to use this instead of heet? And if isn't, can someone point me towards a site that tells you how to (with only stuff that is lying around the house)?

(Note: I dont really care how efficiant the stove is, I just need it to work. Also, instead of using fiberglass inside of my stove, I'm planning on using perlite. Is this a good idea?)

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Stew28 years ago
I have used 70% rubbing alcohol before but I believe the heet works better. I have built a couple of these stoves (cause they are cool!) and the ones that work the best for me are the vented or open top ones. They are more work to build but light without priming or preheating so I find them easier to use. I was building mine and testing them on the deck in the middle of winter and I never did get the pressurized or penny type stove to light, but the open middle one was no problem. Good luck with them, it's a fun project.
No. You want to use denatured alcohol. Available in the paint section of Walmart or Home Depot or at any paint store. S-L-X is the main brand that you are likely to find.
yes S-L-X can be used in alcohol stoves but it has meth additives in it which leaves a residue inside the stove that will lessen the stoves life.
Check this Instructable:

He tells you how to get the water out and make it 91% isopropyl.

Real easy, uses table salt to do it.
junits158 years ago
I would steer clear of any isopropyl rubbing alcohol because it is very sooty, denatured alcohol works too, and so does ethyl rubbing alcohol.
Trace II8 years ago
Try just pouring it in an empty tuna can. It burns much quicker, but works fine with 70%.
Dockbob8 years ago
I put perlite in the stoves I make. It absorbs the alcohol and lets it evaporate better. 90% is better, will be easier to light, and I feel burn hotter.
Stew28 years ago
Here is a good site with lots of info... I guess the ones I like are the "open jet" variety.

I never used any fiberglass or perlite in my stoves... I think it is just to prevent spills if the stove is knocked over?
Shagglepuff (author)  Stew28 years ago
Thanks, I think I'll actually try to make that one instead.
kricketone8 years ago
You can buy 90% alcohol and it work great