Can I use 741 op amps instead of 1 LM324 in a heart rate sensor?

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You COULD do, but the 324 is a better amp.

iceng3 years ago

741s run hot because they drink current.

iceng iceng3 years ago

BTW LM324 the better choice is a quad ( 4 in a dip ) op-amp IC

iceng iceng3 years ago

The lm324 uses 0.7ma for all four and can work down to a 3volt supply.

The lm741 uses 3ma to 15ma for each op-amp and needs a +-15volt supply.

tomatoskins3 years ago

Short answer is yes. As far as I can remember from my simiconductors class the chariceristics of both (for what you're wanting to do) are pretty much the same.