Can I use MJ3001 in place of 2n3055?

I want to build this inverter circuit, it uses 4 2n3055 transistors. Can I use 2 mj3001 transistors in place of that?

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JuliocesarC1 month ago
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Dependendo da amperagem e voltagem dos transistores,assim sera feito,ou seja pode ser montado de dois ate 50 transistores depende da saida de consumo,volts x amperes.

JuliocesarC1 month ago
I am trying to figure out why the 2N3055 are in series and not parallel
If the 2N3055 are pulling less than 10 amps yes.
If the 2N3055 are pulling more than 10 amps no.
if you connect 2 MJ3001 in parallel for each 2N3055 yes.
A cursory look at the datasheet will show you that a 2n3055 is rated at 15A, the MJ3001 is rated at only 10A, so no, you can't replace one with the other.