Can I use a MOT(with rewound secondary) as a power supply?

I just found a MOT from a discarded microwave and was wondering if I rewound the secondary winding with a thicker wire (to get about 12V or whatever i need) would this be a good power supply for like an amp or other stuff (well it's a simple transformer (or is it?) i don't see why it wouldn't be, but before i mess with it i thought why not ask.)
Also there was a sticker on teh microwave that said 700W and i wasn't sure if that is the power of the transformer or the Magnetron.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, and sorry bout me bad Engrish.

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Yes, you can do it, its probably capable of 1000 VA
Yes. Go to this site. 

I wouldn't use too thick wire this might happen.
T0C (author)  The MadScientist6 years ago
Is that your site? if it is i have a question about the schematic.

T0C (author) 6 years ago
I'l start the winding soon and probably post an Instructable on the supply i make.