Can I use a microwave to CAN my Food?

If I microwave food in a glass jar till its 160 degrees f and cap it. did I just 'can' the food?
Im thinking that the temp will kill the bacteria and can I do it with foods that contain meat?

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A boiling canning process can only be used for foods with no animal products and high acidity such as with some jams and pickles, but even then you do the process with the caps on.  For foods with low acidity and/or animal products, you must pressure can them with the lids on.  You can extend the refrigeration life of food if you get it really hot, throw it in a jar, and slap a lid on it, but it would still need to be in the refrigerator and won't last longer than a month at most.  That's what some people do with pickles and jams.  I can't really say anything about meat.
microwaves cook in "spots"  some spots may be 160, some may only be 75.
Canning food is a very dangerous process, things like high fats, protein, water content and oxygen provide a good environment for bacteria to grow. 

You need heat AND pressure to kill pathogenic spores, if not your going to create a pipe bomb when the bacteria start growing and blow your can apart. (if you dont make someone who eats it sick first)
jeff-o7 years ago
Once you've got a big pot of water boiling, it's faster to do it that way.  So no, don't bother with the microwave.  It has its uses, but canning isn't one of them.
lemonie7 years ago
You could, if you're sure the food is thoroughly heated throughout and for long enough (an assured 5 min should do it). 160F is not hot enough, you'd want over 200.

Re-design7 years ago
I don't know if that would be safe or not.  But I do know that microwave often heats very unevenly.  You may have spots that are 160 deg's. and still have frozen parts in the middle.  I can burn the outside of a pot pie and the center is still hard as a rock.

If you want to can food why don't you try the tried and true methods?  Botulism is no laughing matter.