Can I use a picture from the internet without asking, but still citing?

For example, I bought a puppy, and there is a picture of the puppy on a website. I own the puppy and have paid for him, so do I technically own the picture and am able to use it?

Also, do I have to ask, get permission, and cite it? Or using fair use, can I just cite it?

Picture of Can I use a picture from the internet without asking, but still citing?
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that is a very awesome dog btw! =D
Catt123456 (author)  aleceatsfood6 years ago
craftyv6 years ago
This is adorable.
Catt123456 (author)  craftyv6 years ago
thanks, This is why I wanted to post it. Its the best picture I have of him, because we found him off of a site.
craftyv6 years ago
I would think that you may get a copy of the picture and as long as you do not use the image for commercial purposes, go ahead. Can we see it please?
Catt123456 (author)  craftyv6 years ago
you gotta tell me how to put it on a question, but I can sure try. If I cite the source and its non commercial purposes, is that good?
It's only my opinion but I feel sure Ive read it on this site somewhere.
lemonie6 years ago

Get the use of a camera and take your own photographs.

Catt123456 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
I don't have a good camera (CVS cameras, my video game guides aren't good with that kind of quality.) I don't want to put unidentifiable pictures on it, so If I ask the site and cite it would that work?
verence6 years ago
Depends on the laws in country you live in, the country the photograph (resp. owner of the rights) lives and where the photograph and your web site are hosted.

The fact you own the puppy does make no difference at all. It's the idea, work, knowledge, equipment etc. of the photographer, that constitute the right on a photography. And, it is not a picture of _your_ puppy.

If you want to be totally safe, don't use anyone else's photos or ask them nicely.
Citing it on a non profit web site might be safe, but don't take my word for it (Even a small paid banner ad will make your hobby site a profit site!).

Putting a picture of a brand logo or something similar can get you into deep (and expensive) trouble.
Catt123456 (author)  verence6 years ago
If you email the company and get permission, do you think that would be ok?
orksecurity6 years ago
Making a profit or not making a profit makes no difference to copyright. The question is whether you have the right to publish at all.

Owning the puppy only makes a _SMALL_ amount of difference to copyright -- the photographer may need your permission before publishing the picture. If you're also the person who took the picture, you can give yourself permission and you're done. If you aren't, you need to talk to the photographer about this. Simpler solution is to take your own photo.
yokozuna6 years ago
Owning the puppy doesn't automatically give you the rights to photos of the puppy. From the summary of the '96 digital millenium act, basically whomever created the image owns the copyright. It can be transferred via an employer or customer, but those entities would still retain copyright, even if the puppy is sold/adopted/whatever.

The real answer to your question is whether it constitutes as fair use, and that depends somewhat on what you plan to do with it. Read through the four requirements via the Wiki fair usage page.  If you don't meet fair use requirement, you need both permission and to cite the source.  If you do meet the fair use requirements, you can simply give the source.  Keep in mind that ultimately a court would decide this, not you. 

This answer is of course assuming you are American, as your profile would seem to indicate.
Burf6 years ago
I don't have a clue as to what the law requires specifically, but my personal practice when using pictures is not to use them for profit nor commercial purposes and not to claim or infer that it is mine.

As long as you are using them merely to illustrate a point (eg: "My dog looks just like this one.") you should be okay.
Catt123456 (author)  Burf6 years ago
I am planning to do one on how to take care of your dog, I would like to use my animal. I think If i sight it it is perfectly fine though. I use pictures off of the interenet, and I usually cite them. For example, Instructables is non profit for me, so I am not taking anything from the owner, so I think I am in the clear.