Can I use an Arduino as a server for web hosting?

I'd like to be able to sell hosting using a a arduino as a server but dont know how.
I want to sell hosting aswell as providing a small amount of space for free.
PLEASE HELP ME!!! as I'd really like to continue with this project

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ndrewxie6 months ago

You could, as long as you don't want to do any server - side compilation / processing (no php, no data storage, no number crunching on server side) AND your HTML code for the web server is fairly small. If it's too large, put it on a SD card and use the SD library to read it. Your HTML code should not be more than a couple hundred to a thousand lines, or else your website will lag. Also, don't leave your arduino on 24/7, you'll destroy it. Arduinos are extremely expensive for their size (30 dollars!), and YOU DON'T WANT TO BREAK IT. Instead, you should buy and use a raspberry pi 3 (for 35 dollars), and use that instead. A raspberry pi has better CPU performance and network chip speed than an arduino.

ndrewxie ndrewxie6 months ago

btw, you could use a built in example (WebServer). Just plug in your net shield, and run the code.

orksecurity6 years ago
Nowhere near enough compute power to host anything significant -- the Arduino is a TINY computer, used for tiny/specialized tasks.

To sell hosting, you're going to have to be at the complete opposite end of the size, speed, software complexity and network connectivity scale.
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gmoon6 years ago
Yes, you can---not with the Arduino alone, but with the addition of a Net shield.

Adafruit (among others) sell 'em, and has a webserver tutorial.
webgeek1 (author)  gmoon6 years ago
i was hoping to use a netsheid but how do i do it?
gmoon webgeek16 years ago
That tutorial above outlines the process. Your router does the real work of putting the server on the WWW itself.

Incidentally, as orksecurity points out, an arduino is REALLY underpowered for a server. A netshield is normally used to create an embedded net device.

You're better off with a normal (computer) server if you want to host.
76543216 years ago
No you cant, if you want to continue this project, why dont you just go buy a server from Best Buy?
lemonie6 years ago

Where on Earth did you get an idea like that?