Can I use "borrowed" satellite internet over a distances?

My sister has satellite internet. Is their anyway that I can use her access if she gives me her PW and all that info in a manner to where she and I can both use her access I live approximately 5 miles from her and it's not flat land! If so what would i need  and how would I do this please?

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You would need clear line of sight  for access, Wi-Fi will not travel 5 miles over hill and dale.
If its the one-way system I know of, no, your sisters service will use a phone line to send requests from the internet, then the satellite delivers it. The operators will know how many users are logged on with the same password.

I'm not that familiar with the state of satellite internet though.

Re-design7 years ago
Nope that's stealing internet services and they will catch you.  Probably can't do it anyway since they know when her account is being used.  Do you have an extra sat. receiver?
Acepilot427 years ago
yes, to some extent. if you have a weak wi fi antenna, you would have to be about 40 feet away to get service. if you have a strong antenna, you could be about 200 feet away
You would have to have a Very very very high powerful Wifi Antenna ..

Probably easier to get a cheap adsl line