Can I use electric actuator(s) on a driil press?

I have 2 electric actuators, by Linak, from an old recliner chair with control box. The actuators are rated at 24v and can push up to 6000n (611Kg)  and pull up to 4000n (407Kg) . They move fairly slowly and steadily and automatically cut out once they've extended or retracted to the max.

Would it be safe  to use one to push and pull the drill on a home made drill press?

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iceng2 years ago

Use the lounge chair mechanism and move the item being drilled against a spinning bit.

CyberR (author) 2 years ago

Hmmm, once again one of my "simple projects" actually involves more than I thought. Unfortunately the only info I can get for the controller is what's on the label already. A lot of what you guys have mentioned is out of my EXTREMELY tight budget (almost non-existent) and knowledge of electronics.

Downunder35m actually reminded me of one of the ideas I had originally but missed out on a broken vice that would have been the perfect candidate.

Someone else, can't remember who, gave me the idea for a hidden PC that could be raised by the actuator like one of those hidden TVs.

Automated drill presses use a controlled feed.
That means depending on the task, like drilling steel, or plastic, tapping and so on, the feed rate is adjusted.
They also have a set limit for the pressure, so if the drill won't move as predicted the machine will turn off.
Using your motors for this job will end in tears for the operator.
But I would consider to make an electric vice with such a powerful motor. ;)

CyberR (author) 2 years ago

Thank you for the quick reply.

Good point there!!

I'd already thought of that by having a vice to hold the work piece plus an emergency stop system from a previous project.

The stop switch is basically a relay system which sits on the floor. When touched, kicked or hit it cuts the power and has to be reset via a second switch mounted on a wall or workbench. A second stop button can be plugged in too.

I always try to use some sort of emergency stop in any project using power tools.


For metals like aluminium, you want a very high feed rate, for steel, a lower one. How will you control the speed ?

No, what happens if something goes wrong ? Like the work starts spinning ?


E stop?

iceng2 years ago

Your next difficulty will be true one direction motion.

I have such a lounge chair and yes it has a a good deal of slow force but it moves in a swing direction that would require a major mechanical rework design to convert to drill in line motion.

BTW you should monitor the motor drive current to detect excessive force and reverse hold to clear a non biting bit before a resumption of forward drilling.