Can I use milk instead of cream when making butter?

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No, you need the cream content to make the butter, that's the whole point. The butterfat content will become the butter.
xXInmateXx (author) 7 years ago
Thanks everybody. It didn't work with regular milk
lemonie7 years ago

Only if it's full-fat, unskimmed milk - have you some?

And even then, you'll need a lot of milk for the amount of butter you get. Remember, it's the milkfat that becomes butter, and full-fat milk is only 3% milkfat. There's a reason old-fashioned butter churns had a fairly large container for the milk.

Well you'd skim-off the cream wouldn't you? (It's a different way of arriving at "no")

I don't think so. But a thought, you could try buttermilk and let the rest of us know if it works.
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