Can I use this AC adapter?

 I found a AC adapter for my NES but I want to know if I can still use it:

NES: 9VAC ; 850mA

Adapter:9VAC ; 830mA

with the difference of 20 can I still use the AC adapter?

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lemonie8 years ago
Like sean says, the % difference is small. I'd think you'd be fine with that, the NES is very probably not using more than 95% of max output.

robotguy48 years ago
Ok, just checking.  That's good to know.

Out of curiosity:

asdterror8 years ago
The voltage and frequency is correct (both 9 volts and alternating) but the adapter can't supply enough current to feed the NES.  You need an adapter that matches or exceeds the NES's power requirements (more than or equal to 850mA).
Its probably wise to get one that has an equal mA, unless I'm missing something here...

I have a feeling that using a 9001 mA adapter would probably not end well...
.  Using a "too large" power supply is perfectly OK. The load will only pull as much current as it needs (or the PS will only put out as much as required, depending on how you look at it).

Carry on then.