Can I use this charger on this battery?

This is the battery I want to use:

Can I use this to charge the battery?:

If not can anyone help me figure out whats the best way to charge that battery?

oh and I would obviously change the connecting ports so they can fit into each other.

thanks for the help!!

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iceng4 years ago
The charger is for the battery in some power tool.
The battery is for a lower power cordless phone.

The charger may be too high a current for the battery
and could  be too high a voltage ..

To answer your second Q...
It is a ni-cad battery so you need a charger that specifies the
same voltage and  about .1 to .5 current.

jnajmy (author)  iceng4 years ago
The charger says its a 3.6 volt charger. What would the current do to it? wouldn't it charge the battery faster?
iceng jnajmy4 years ago
IF a battery is charged at a higher current then the design
It will damage the internal chemistry and overheat.

These batteries are low cost, Give it a try..

jnajmy (author)  iceng4 years ago

this is for a mini rc helicopter do you think this would be good for a 3.6 battery? it says it does a 4.2 volts could I put a resistor and get it down to 3.6 volts?
iceng jnajmy4 years ago
Definitely NO

While a resistor would initially limit current and voltage.
As the 3.6V battery got charged and expected the charging to stop
The 4.2 volt charger would still be forcing current and voltage
causing an over charge damage situation.

The charger must be at the same voltage as the target cell.