Can I use (two) regular household fans for building an airhockey table?

I´m planning to build an airhockey table. Since the AIR source is from great importance, I would like to know whether I can use (two) regular household fans. If so, how powerful should they be (how many watts)? Thanks in advance

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lemonie8 years ago
Household fans might work in the right enclosures, but you'd be better with a vacuum-cleaner motor I think.

casvandegoor (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I've done a bit of research and have come to the conlusion that the air source needs to have a high output (for a 6-7 feet table): 400 cub feet per minute. An average vacuum cleaner has got an output of 140 CFM. Leaf blowers however, have an output ranging from 350 CFM to 600 CFM. And therefore I think leaf blowers are the cheapest and best solution.
Yes, quite high output. I like the idea of a big table with a petrol (gasoline) leave blower underneath vrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm, plink, plink...

casvandegoor (author)  casvandegoor8 years ago
You do have industrial vacuum cleaners that have a maximum output around 380 CFM.
Dr.Bill lemonie8 years ago
I concur.