Can I wire 2 LED strip lights with separate switches onto my PC?

Hi.  I installed 2 LED strips in parallel to a molex connector (Pic A) in my PC case.  Now, I would like to add separate switches for each strip. Can I do it as depicted in Pic B?

Is it possible and safe to supply them with only 5v?

*The LED strips are both 12v 3528 LEDs (blue & white).  However, I do not know the current nor power requirements of the strips.

Thank you.

Picture of Can I wire 2 LED strip lights with separate switches onto my PC?
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Downunder35m10 months ago

Should be no problem as the 12V rail should be with enough power reserve.
The only thing I would not use are these dimmers as they often cause massive interferenve on the input line.
So you should be fine unless you use a few meters each.

HopeF12 (author)  Downunder35m10 months ago

What about supplying the 12v LEDs with only 5v, would that be okay?

I doubt it, if you are lucky you get a slight glow but not more.
9V should be the lower limit.

iceng Downunder35m10 months ago


Sorry, I take too long to copy...

iceng10 months ago

No problem of damage if that worries you..

On +5VDC they will probably not even glow.

White, blue and UV LEDs use more voltage then most and if the strip uses two or three in series per section their combined overcome voltage is more then +5V = NoGlow...

HopeF12 (author)  iceng10 months ago

Thank you.