Can Sugru prevent an old, eroded rubber gasket from failing?

I have a great old Corona ultrasonic humidifier that is 21 or 22 years old. The humidifier works like a dream, but the old rubber gasket around the vibrating plate is going to fail soon. I am thinking that Sugru would be a fix to model around and on top of the existing gasket. Anyone think it would have trouble under water? It's one of the best old humidifiers  but has gone out of production. Have kept this sucker clean and in good order. The gasket has eroded considerably, and if it goes it will be a dead machine. I have repaired the broken water tank twice. I used a piece of Sugru to hold an old toilet flapper in place inside the reservoir tank and it hasn't moved in months. Anyone work with Sugru for things underwater? It is my only hope to keep this great old machine working. Sooner or later, it will go, but it is a grand old remnant of the days when we built things to last. My old metal blade fans are still going even after a switch had to be replaced. Good maintenance will keep things running  long after they are supposed to fail from use. Appreciate anyone and everyone's help. Thanks!

Tess Elliott

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Wired_Mist2 years ago

If the Gasket has, or is about, to fail it's a sign that you will need to replace the whole gasket. Now seeing that this humidifier is 20 some-odd years old I'm assuming you won't be able to reasonably find a replacement right?

So go to your local auto parts store and get some "sensor safe" Gasket silicone.

Just like caulking a bath tub, you will need to apply a thin bead around the edge using the nozzle that will come with the tube. be sure to remove the whole gasket and give the rim a good clean before you use it.

Should dry in 24H and will do a far better job then Sugru.

tesseliot (author)  Wired_Mist2 years ago

Will read everything I can about the product you mention. I can't remove the gasket. Whatever fix I do must be in the narrow area around the vibrating plate. But what you mention sounds like a product made for this type of gasket. Thanks!

Any chance of a Pic?

I have successfully used this product in something as narrow as 1/8 inch

Kiteman2 years ago

Let it cure in air, and it will last aaaaaages underwater.

tesseliot (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

Thanks! I have another place I want to use it in our old toilet. They don't make parts to fit it anymore, so just flushing it pulls the flapper out of line so the water runs all the time. I have used sugru on lots of things. Love the stuff.