Can U Help a mom design a Star Wars Lego Cake Top?

My son is turning 6 next week and is having a Star Wars Lego party.  Searched the planet for a cake top but doesn't exist.  It's a 1/2 of a sheet cake so the little figures look ridiculous.  Wanted to make the top myself out of Lego but can't find any patterns.  Can someone help or do you have any great ideas?  Coolest kid need the cake to match! 
Any help would be greatly appreciated!  :-)


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lukesmom922 (author) 7 years ago
I want to utilize real Legos to top the cake.  They would need to be at least 5-6 inches high.  Thank you!
 I am sure you have seen this already but I wanted put put it out there:  <yoda

jj377 years ago
 If your are willing to hand frost the cake I would be glad to pop up  few ideas.

                                  *stalling while gimp starts up*
jj37 jj377 years ago
 If you do A printed cake (photo cake) The layout could be more complex.
jj37 jj377 years ago
 Here is an example of a design I just whipped up.

birthday lego starwars(name).jpg
lukesmom922 (author)  jj377 years ago
Thats amazing but how do I get it on the cake?  Sorry if I'm being dense! :-)
 Well unfortunately if you did it in legos it would be  very low resolution.  more like 8-bit it wants to look like a piece of SW Lego ? 
...or just a piece of lego
lukesmom922 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Star Wars Lego.  Yoda.  Darth Vadar.  etc   Thanks!
lukesmom922 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Neither actually.  It's going to be a sheet cake with space background/frosting.  I would like to make 3 D standing figurines for the top of the cake out of actual Legos.  The Legos sold in the kits at the store create figures but they are too small. I would need them to be 3-6 inches high.  Thank you!  :-)
If there were a little more time, you could make little Lego blocks out of royal icing or gummi stuff and just build whatever you want. Unfortunately, there's probably not enough time to order the food-grade silicone to make molds.
Maybe use rolled fondant to make brick shapes and stick them on the outside of a cake that's been cut into the shape of whatever your son likes? If you pick something like R2D2, you wouldn't even have to color very much fondant, since he's mostly white. You could even roll some out very thin and cut little circles with the end of a straw to make nubs for some of the bricks.
lukesmom922 (author)  RavingMadStudios7 years ago
I'm actually looking to utilize real Legos and have 3D figures on the top of the cake.  The icing on the cake would be a space scene.  Thanks!
lemonie7 years ago
Does your husband have a drill?
If he does, might you pursuade him to drill (or let you use to) a pattern of regularly-spaced holes into a piece of plastic, mmm or maybe wood. Lay cling-film over it and vigorously cram icing into it. Pull-off, carefully remove the film and see if that's what might work?

keydogstony7 years ago
Not from lego's, but a cool Star Wars Cake!