Can You make an iPod speaker out of a fire alarm?

Hi I know it sounds rediculous but can i make an iPod speaker out of a smoke alarm??

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dkop16 years ago
Fire alarms are made to emit a tone, not necessarily to emit sounds like a speaker. You'd be better off scrounging up parts of an old PA system if you can.
lemonie6 years ago

They're piezos, the frequency-range is "tweeter" so it would sound poor if you did.
You could surely find something better I reckon.

thegeeke6 years ago
Not if it is a siren... (I mean, you could, but it wouldn't be worth your time). I am pretty sure that most fire alarms use sirens and not speakers. If it was a speaker, then yes, you could probably do it pretty easily, but I wouldn't trust it as a fire alarm any more. :)
bwrussell6 years ago
Only if it's not a piezo buzzer. I've never taken one apart but I would not be surprised if it was. Technically you probably could do it with a piezo element but the quality won't be worth your time, you would have better results gutting the case and adding your own system so it just looks like a smoke detector.
iceng6 years ago
Yes..... it won't sound very good, even with premier electronics.