Can a 6V 2.4 W LED be safely used for a 6V 3W (hub) dynamo?

Head Lamp: B&M IQ-TEC Fly N Plus; intending to be used without tail light ( don't like the external wires) with a SON or Shimano 6V dyno-hub, having 3W output

ac-dc8 years ago
A Dyno hub outputs AC power, and when it's a 3W it will raise the voltage at lower load if the light is regulated so you need know it's max safe input voltage. This means if your light is regulated it may still need polarity protection from a diode, or a bridge rectifier. If your light is not regulated, you will need add a regulation circuit.
Plasmana8 years ago
It should not cause any problems, I say yes, it is safe.