Can a GameCube Portable be Built with an Audiovox D1812 DVD Player?

I've been kicking around the idea for a gamecube portable for about a year now and I've finally got funding to tackle it. I read on a forum that this Audiovox would work for a gamecube portable display. Is this true? The gamecube has an analog out which I believe I could plug into the composite for the DVD player yeah? Any advice is appreciated!

Also, if anyone has a screen that is sure to work I would love to hear what it is!

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jacobdlyon4 years ago
This DVD Player is unique because it does have input jacks, so it would work. However, I believe it will be more of a difficult task than it is worth because the inputs go from the base to the screen and I am sure there is more hardware involved. (And power would be another difficulty)

I am not sure if you already have it or you are looking into screens, but from where I looked at, it is in the +$120 range. An alternate you could go with that is compact is a LCD Monitor Backup (Intended for cars). You will have to try to find a high resolution screen (480p) that suits the GameCube well. PS1 screens are great for these projects.

Here are a few references:

Hope you succeed in your project!
TriforceJunkie (author)  jacobdlyon4 years ago
No I do not have it currently but eBay options were looking pretty low, like below $40. I will check out your sources, thanks!