Can a cook top stove be made out of an old regular stove

i was wondering if one could just remove the stove part from a regular model and maybe reuse the top as a cook top surface (gas of course)

caarntedd7 years ago
I installed a ceramic cooktop (electric of course) which required a sort of shield to be constructed underneath. This wasn't really for radiant heat protection as such, but to stop stuff in the drawers/cupboard underneath from touching the bottom of the cooktop which gets pretty hot.
Maybe look at the requirements for gas cooktop installation, and go for it.
Otherwise as RavingMad says.
Sure. You might have to cap off a line or two that used to lead to the stove, and possibly reconfigure the gas inlet a tad, but there's no reason why you couldn't reuse the burners in a cook top configuration with a little bit of creative plumbing.