Can a so-so computer person reconfigure a desk top PC ?

My son's PC died & I have a desk top PC just sitting around doing nothing.  It's been a while since I used it & don't remember what issues it had.  Would like to reconfigure & give it to him if I can make it usable.

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BOB J (author) 8 years ago
Thanks all !  Not sure which route I'm going to take.  Depending on outcome; will advise !
Get an OS installation CD (XP, Linux, whatever) and boot the computer up with it in the CD drive. When it asks whether to wipe the hard drive, say YES! And you should be good from there. If there are other, more specific problems, you can ask them here.
BOB J (author)  Molten Boron8 years ago
I'll have to see if I have any OS discs at home.  I believe they (always?) come with a new  PC ?
It's getting rarer nowadays. My friends all use Vista because they couldn't afford any other operating system and don't know Linux. But there wasn't any installation disc in case they needed to re-install. Duh.
If you feel like you know (or could easily get to know) Linux, I'd recommend downloading it (free!) and using it to wipe the problematic machine. Ubuntu and all its flavors are known for being really user-friendly. I liked Kubuntu, personally (but couldn't get it to use the Windows-proprietary wireless setup).
V-Man7378 years ago
Practically anyone in the chat room would be happy to walk you through the troubleshooting. It might be a simple problem, like an old virus that will shrivel like yesterday's apple peels when you install AVG on it. Or it might be a corrupted hard drive, which will necessitate buying a new one.
orksecurity8 years ago
Try it and tell us whether you succeed?

(Simple answer: Depends on what you mean by "reconfigure".)
Burf8 years ago
After having become the de-facto Mr. Fixit for most of my friends and relatives computers, I have learned that diagnosing the problem is usually more difficult than actually repairing it. <br />I am attaching a link to an easy troubleshooting guide that will help you get started. Once you get an idea as to what is wrong, then you can proceed with fixing it, or make the decision if it is even worth trying to do so.<br />Hardware problems are generally easy, just replace the damaged part or parts. Software problems can be exasperating for even the professionals. <br />I suggest you try to figure out what is wrong and then, you can seek help here or elsewhere on the net as to the best way to fix your PC.<br />Here is the link:<br /><br />
kramerr8 years ago
 it's desktop not desk top. No-one is going to be able to tell you if y they don't know what is wrong with the computer or how computer literate you are. We need more information. The first step is to plug the computer in, turn it on, and write down what problems its having.
Re-design8 years ago
Best to just set it up and see if it has issues.
If it does work on them and get them fixed.  Even a comp. expert has to tackle them one at a time.

If you get stuck come back here or on a computer forum and ask a question for some help.

Good luck.