Can a troll help themselves?

  I have seen some interesting things in the last year.  I happen to get out more than some others but I do feel like I'm missing out on ......???????     If a person is stuck like Chuck, is there any hope?

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randomray7 years ago
Do you mean an Internet troll ? I guess some are just bored and have nothing better to do then cause trouble , kind of like a vandal who breaks something to try and prove he can do something not realizing any fool can break something , it takes skill and work to create cool and/or useful . The troll just tries to get a fight going and waste others time . I think the policy of being " nice " or positive is a good one here , I have seen problems in some instructables and simply made suggestions on different options rather then complain or say that it wouldn't work . I repair stuff for a living and there is seldom only one way to do something " usually at least 3 ways maybe more ", there is usually a Best way for you , but it might not be the best for someone else .
BluTiger7 years ago
This is how I view using the internet...
Its interactive television
instead of coming home and being a couch potato I surf the internet. Learn new things. there's more information on the internet on a daily bases then there was the day before. I can learn enough to make an informed decision, and find that certain something you always wanted to know but you were damned if you asked your bother in law
orksecurity7 years ago
[Lurking device off]

Can't speak for others, but... I didn't consider it particularly an Answers kind of question. No how-to element; so not particularly interesting. And it bore some of the earmarks of having been posted by someone who wanted to start an argument, (ie, a troll), so I wasn't inclined to touch it Just In Case. And since that's all I have to say on the topic, I'm dropping out again.

[Lurking device on]
Ninzerbean7 years ago
Only if he stops using his nose as an egg separator.