Can almond flour be substituted?

I want to make the financiers, since blueberries are on sale right now, but it calls for quite a bit of almond flour, especially since I'd probably be increasing the recipe to account for nine people. But almond flour is pretty expensive; would it be possible to make them without almond flour, or with less of it? Or would that mess it up too much?

wold6308 months ago

I think you could switch the amounts of the almond flour and all-purpose flour and achieve the same results. This would allow you to double the recipe (in order to serve all your guests) and you would only need 1 1/2 cups of almond flour. Let me know what you decide and how they turn out!

christa627 (author)  wold6308 months ago

Okay, I did switch the almond flour and the all-purpose. I haven't eaten them yet, but they sure smell good! Unfortunately there seems to be some kind of glitch in the page or my computer, and I don't see the "I made it!" section; I'll post my picture whenever it comes back...