Can an artificial magnolia flower spray arrangement be dyed or bleached to lighten the petals?

My wife bought several artificial magnolia flower sprays a few years ago and prepared two very lovely arrangements, which have been decorating a wall in our living room.  Initially, the flower petals were an off-white color--but definitely white.  Now the petals have turned dark, and it appears they while likely darken even more if she is not able to do something to lighten this medium-tan tone that they now have.  I have looked at the material fairly closely and it looks like they are constructed from either a heavy paper or possibly a gauze, and then coated with a flexible substance by either dipping it or brushing it on.  The coating seems to be more in the nature of a stiffener for forming the petals, but apparently it has darkened with age.  Is anyone familiar with what I've described and have any suggestions?  (This is my wife's favorite arrangement and I would like to help her)  Thanks!

Gorfram7 years ago
If the darkening is jut due to dust & so forth:
"Shaking artificial floral products in a bag with a half cup of salt or cornmeal can remove dust from most surfaces, even hard-to-reach areas. The grains act as little scrubbers. Shake the item in the bag gently for a minute or two, repeat if necessary until satisfied."
The above is cribbed in its entirety from, which appears to have lots of other good info.

You don't say just how old the flowers are. If it's been more than a few years, they may just be darkening with age, much like newspaper clippings do. If so, you're pretty well sunk - there's not much to do but remove & replace with new.
Burf7 years ago
Its kinda tough to recommend any type of cleaner/bleach without knowing what material we're working with.
If I were you, I'd start with something mild like regular hydrogen peroxide, then go to Boraxo, etc. Try cleaning a small hidden place first, allowing it to dry completely to make sure it hasn't caused any damage.