Can any one give me useful html links or pdf docs related to rasberry pi and its applications.

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That's like asking for documentation on a PC and it's applications or any micro controller for that matter. The Pi is a vary small Linux based computer that can do anything from blinking an LED to serving as the computer control system for your car, home automation project, robotics and more.

Your best bet is to look around the site, here and elsewhere, for Rasberry Pi based projects and see what other people have been doing with the board.
prasadpatil0 (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Jayefuu5 years ago
Can? Or will?

Try this, it's faster.
prasadpatil0 (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
Its will......Tanks for improving my English.....
+1, I just discovered that site myself. More people should know about it.
Kiteman5 years ago
Try Raspi's own forums.