Can any one help me designing a light chaser circuit? BEST ANWSER GETS A PATCH

I am Made/making ( i've made one so far ) some Par cans (DJ lights).
I would like to know how to build a circuit so the lights can chase each other (chaser circuit). At the moment the lights plug in to the mains and require 230v and 50w to power them.
I want the circuit to be safe and I would like to also know what gauge wire I should use.
I would like the cost to keep below £20.00 because that would exeed store bought prices.

Thank you


Picture of Can any one help me designing a light chaser circuit? BEST ANWSER GETS A PATCH
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How many will there be ? I DON'T recommend you try this without isolating the circuit from the mains, so each channel needs a MOC3020, a couple of resistors and a decent triac, driving it all would only need a couple of cmos gates, and the ubiquitous 555.

oscarthompson (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
There will be two lights. I was thinking the circuit not all the components would with stand thaat current.
Are you sure a 555 timer will withstand that current?
Do you have any other solutions

For two lights, you might make it under the 20 quid mark. Build a two transistor astable like this

Replace R1 and R4 with the inputs to MOC 3031 optoisolators and a couple of triacs
oscarthompson (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
That looks do-able for under the £20 mark... I will have to think about this. As store brought prices are not that much more and they are better quality....
nicelly5 years ago
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kbyrne6 years ago
In the Abra electronics catalog there are light chasers at 20.00 us money.
they would need a converter to your volts. I built one at 110volts. worked first time at 200 volts per circuit. I am a newbi to electronics but you should investigate. Uses triacs and has good instructions.

metsfan19387 years ago
Here is one of my instructables, it uses a 4001 quad nor gate.
lemonie7 years ago
That's a fair amount of current, I'd think of relays, and transistor switching for those. Price up relays first?

oscarthompson (author)  lemonie7 years ago I Might get these and then just buy my own spotlights.

I was only messing around in my shed with light fittings until I came up with putting a light fitting in two golden syrup tins (joined together).
It would be nice to build one, but at 25 quid to buy you wouldn't save much (if anything)

RedMeanie7 years ago
Here goes the basic circuit, Instead of Leds they can drive Relays that way you can drive the lights off of Mains Power.