Can any tiny spy cam emulate the basic human visual range/angle?

I ask because i made a large almost featureless spherical mascot head which i dont want to ruin by cutting a gaping view hole through the front, iv tried the stretched mesh fabric approach but it doesnt look right at all. The current version has a wide slit so my horizontal vision is great but iv got almost no vertical vision, im taller than average and need to see where people around me are around me so i need an improved ability to look downwards.
So iv been thinking about one of those tiny spycams linked to a screen mounted inside (perhaps vr goggles), is there a camera with the kind of wide viewing angle you naturally get out of your eyeballs, so i can angle my head down and actually see the ground reasonably close to my feet?

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rickharris4 years ago
In my experience, unless specifically designed to do so, there aren't any cameras that give you the same range of view as a human eye.

You have an astounding 120 deg+ breadth of vies which you can easily test by holding your arms out left and right and putting your thumb up then move your arms in until you can see both thumbs whilst look ahead.
ambientvoid (author)  rickharris4 years ago
thanks for the info, wasn't sure of the degrees of visual range so that'll help. In my experience "specifically designed" usually equals 'horribly expensive' so for the time being i think i'll keep looking for alternatives i can bend to my will (muahahahahaha)
.Unknown.4 years ago
How about mounting 2 of those glass "peepholes" you find on doors- one for each eye?
Something like this
Although that might be a little too big. You can get smaller ones though.

Or maybe a digital version would work better for you?
ambientvoid (author)  .Unknown.4 years ago
good idea, one of those things you get so used to just being there you don't think about its possibilities. didn't know you could get digital peepholes, got any links to one of those?
Good idea. I've seen door cameras with the same optics as well.