Can anybody list me good Border Printing Solutions?

I've got a project in my school they require a hand written project however we can get the margins printed and printed margins means more marks in our school. The teacher has told us to make the projects on A4 size papers and to draw or print margins to the following specifications:
Top: 3.5 cm
Bottom: 2 cm
Left: 3.5 cm
Right: 2 cm
I want to know how to print borders following this margins?

One More Question:
If there is any way to save an image with these borders?
Thank You in Advance

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Vyger4 years ago
Serif makes a good program called Page Plus that does all kinds of things like that. They even have pre designed ones. While you can get the newest version from their web site. You can often find older versions for big discounts. Serif allows people to pass on the ownership of their programs so often people get the newer ones and then sell the older versions. Any of the version 15, 14 or even 13 will work fine with Vista or Win 7. I wouldn't get anything older than 9. I just got a notice from them that ver 17 has been released. I have ver 15.
Look on E bay.
adarshnarsaria (author)  Vyger4 years ago
Got the Page Plusx2 now what????
When the application starts, there is a wizard that asks you what you want to do. So "start from scratch" . It will then ask you for your paper size, A4 is one of the options. When it shows you the blank page go to the help button and its the first choice, PagePlus help. When that box opens up then search for "borders". there is an entire help section on how to create them and edit them.

There are also video tutorials, I didn't look through them but the probably have something there also.

If you want to you can also use a template of pre existing stuff. Under the "home" area there are certificates that have borders so you can get an idea of what you want.
adarshnarsaria (author)  Vyger4 years ago
Thanks for your help dude let me give it a try!!!!!
What applications do you have? Do you have Photo shot, print master, or any other paint or graphics application to work with other than MS paint? These types of programs will allow you to create a boarder in the margins. Now you can make a boarder in paint and copy and paste it into MS word. It will just take a lot of playing around and adjustment to get things right and have it print correctly. When your done you can save the word document and use that boarder over and over.
adarshnarsaria (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
I have
Microsoft Office 2007
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Photoshop 7
Corel Draw Graphics Suite x6
Sony Vegas Pro 11
Adobe After Effects CS6

If these are of no use list me any software that i might purchase
Photoshop will allow you to set up an 8.5 X 11 canvas and create any kind of boarder you want.
adarshnarsaria (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
now i also own Serif PagePLUS X2