Can anybody make a K'nex gun using THIS?

 This little mechanism is from this old set called "Roaring Basilisk" or something. 
It looks like it could be used easily in a true trigger system, but I'm not the best at making them. So, I have asked this question. Who can make a functioning pistol/rifle with this?

Picture of Can anybody make a K'nex gun using THIS?
DJ Radio8 years ago
I got your PM, so anyways, depending on how fast that thing that moves when you pull the trigger is, you probably could make a TRUE semi auto with a tubular mag like on Oodalump's first semi auto.  I can't make one since I dont have that particular part.
AppleFizz (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
The trigger-to-moving-rod action is simultaneous or whatever the word is. They happen at the same exact time. Now that I think about it- You'd have to make a very weak gun/have a really strong finger to pull the ram back using a second trigger...
kricketone8 years ago
W H Y ?
AppleFizz (author)  kricketone8 years ago
 why what?